Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are your basic deal terms? 

We structure every deal differently, taking into consideration if the music is known and if the deal will be on an “exclusive" or "non exclusive basis".  


2. What is the difference between an exclusive and a non exclusive synch deal? 

If our deal is non exclusive then you can place your music elsewhere with another agency or by yourself.  However if our deal is exclusive then all synch deals would come through us but of course you would have final approval.


3. How do I send you the song(s) and in what format?

Send via e-mail ( at 320 KBPS or via a link like Hightail. Please don't yet send WAV or AIFF at this time. (upon request only)


4. Do I need to professionaly master what I submit?

No, not yet.  Just a really good mix and a home mastering job (T-Racks, Ozone, Wavelab, Sound Forge, Waves) would be OK.  Otherwise we can wait until we land a synch deal to get an official master.  Please always mix an INSTRUMENTAL.  This is very important to have on hand.


5. How long does it take to get paid after a synch?

After the synch contract is signed it can vary between 1 month and 6 months.  Advertising tends to pay within 60 days and TV takes up to 6 months.  Films usually pay within 45 days of the film's release.  But on occasion a payment can be up to 9 months.  


6. Do you guarantee synchs?

We can never promise any synch deals.  We cannot force music supervisors into using specific songs.  If we work together, we can just make sure they have it, listen to it and consider it.


7. Can we get feedback on the music we submit?

If we are interested in your music then we will be in touch to discuss it in more depth. We can never guarantee music supervisors will give us feedback on your music.  


8. Why should we work with Fine Gold Music?

We have long term established relations and a respected reputation in the sync licensing business.  We are known to “pitch” quality and clearable music on a timely basis.  


9. Will you pitch my music just for TV and movies?

No, we will pitch your music for both TV, movies, advertisements, movie trailers and video games.


10. Will you sync something without my permission?

We never synch without your permission.  As soon as we get interest on one of our synchs from a music supervisor then we will promptly touch base. We will require a timely response on your end.  Synch moves very fast and you need to be ready to review deals, sign off on deals and expedite links to mastered WAV files.  


11. What is it again that you do exactly?

Fine Gold Music works with top musicians (like you), labels and publishers tying to place their music into films, TV, advertisements, movie trailers and video games.