Acoustic: Ryan Mclaughlin (1-Stop)*

As you can tell from his songs, Washington DC based songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ryan McLaughlin has a lot to be happy about. While operating a booming food truck business, he fell in love with the company's head baker and married her!

While balancing his day job and a new marriage he wrote some of the most heartfelt songs he's ever written. They caught the attention of Fine Gold Music who picked up the EP recorded in Williamsburg Brooklyn by producer Matt McCorkle (One Republic, The Avett Brothers)

For fans of Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers And Bon Iver.

All music is pre-cleared on both master & synch sides.
No additional permissions are needed.

USAGE: TV, video games, films/trailers and advertising.
RIGHTS: All media now known or hereafter devised, worldwide, in perpetuity (including in-context trailers and promos).
RESTRICTIONS: X·rated and tobacco uses require additional written consent from us and consent is not guaranteed.
FEES: ("all-in” master + synch, Total fee amount below per use):
TV*: $2,500
Video Games: $4,000
Film*: $5,000
Trailers: $5,000
Advertising: $10,000
*Out-of-context uses (e.g., trailers) are not included. If you are licensing for film and want to use the song in a trailer, both the film and trailer fees will apply.
NOTIFICATION: contact us via email within 10 business days of usage with details.
CREDIT: “(insert song title)”
Written & Performed by Ryan McLaughlin
License arranged by Fine Gold Music
LICENSES: All licenses are to be issued to: Fine Gold Music LLC, 41 Union Square W #416, New York, NY 10003 and sent via email.
Pre-Cleared terms valid until January 1, 2015.
Any questions or If your needs fall outside of these areas, please contact for further information. Thank you!

*All titles are 100% BOTH Master & Publishing.
*All songs listed with detailed descriptions (meta data).
*All songs are 320 bit.

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